A&H Select Club Membership - Special Offer - save £15


Members of our exclusive new A&H Select Club are entitled to:

  • Free postage (subject to fair usage policy)
  • Free personalisation (FAMOA or Initials, not embroidery)
  • 5% off future orders
  • £20 Power Flag Discount or New cloths & Battery if preferred for your current Power flags
  • Free gifts: whistle, Lanyard, Red & Yellow Cards per season
  • PLUS COMING SOON, exclusive access to webinars, members only pricing and a monthly debate newsletter!

All of this for a one off fee per year.

1 x A&H 2016 Membership-PC
1 x Fox 40 Classic
1 x Elastic Wrist Lanyard - Black
1 x Red and Yellow Cards
In stock